Extraordinary General Meeting

 To determine if the revised Paramount Targetsports Club Inc. constitution be adopted and in turn used for the conduct of this years Annual General Meeting.
All financial QTS and TRA members 18 years and over are eligible to Vote.
A two thirds majority is required to change the constitution. As a consequence it is important if you cannot attend that you assign you proxy to another member eligible to vote.
Key Change
Apart from some minor changes such as the addition of Shooting Para Sport (SPS) to our club objectives and formally moving the AGM into the new year, the major change is to our committee structure.
Currently we elect;
(i) President (& Chair),
(ii) Captain
(iii) Vice-Captain,
(iv) Secretary,
(v) Treasurer,
(vi) Administrator,
(vii) Club Licence Holder,
(viii) Register Keeper,
(ix) Web Master,
(x) Canteen Master,
(xi) Armourer,
(xii) Coaches (x3)
(xiii) QTS Representatives
The new constitution would have us elect;
Plus up to 7 members to be part of the leadership group with shared responsibility for the activities performed by the individuals listed above.
The object of the change is to reflect how the club actually operates and create a structure with shared (apart from legislative) responsibility.
Please email treasurer@paramount.org.au for a copy of the draft constitution (if required).
If you have any queries please contact me by email or phone (0410 442 146)