Paramount has an active “wheelie contingent, in fact many are members, or are past  members, of Australian Shooting Para Sport (SPS) rifle squad. We are also in the process of implementing technology for the visually impaired.

SPS competition is conducted in classes based on the level of impairment.

SH1 class includes athletes with lower limb impairments and either no upper limb impairments, or an upper limb impairment that does not prevent the athlete from supporting the weight of the rifle . Many, but not all, athletes compete in a sitting position either from a wheelchair or chair/stool.


Natalie Smith – SH1

SH2 class includes athletes who also have more severe upper limb impairments, which prevents the athlete from supporting the weight of the rifle themselves. SH2 athletes  use a spring mounted stand to support the weight of the rifle. Some athletes also require a support assistant to load the rifle for them.


Bradley Mark – SH2

SH3 class for the visually impaired is being developed